Tips on Using®:

On The Trip Request Form…..

Selecting Origin and Destination Points (Steps 1&2): Select the Origin State/Province from the pop-up list and then type the name of the Origin City/Town/Place. Repeat this process for the Destination State/Province and Destination City/Town/Place.

Note: For Washington, DC: select District of Columbia from the pop-up list and then type "Washington" in the city box.

For New York City, enter the name of the borough in the city box (i.e., Manhattan, Upper Manhattan, Bronx, etc.).

Misspellings: If you misspell the name or a City/Town/Place, Freetrip will attempt to provide you with close matches in the Advisory Page. Select the one you want and click on Continue. If you do not find the city you are looking for, go back to the main page and type in a nearby city (send us an e-mail so we can add the missing city into our next update.

Select Category: If your origin or destination is a National Park, Airport, Military Base or Amtrak Station, choose one of these. DO NOT Select one of these options if you are not looking for a destination which is a National Park, Airport, Military Base or Amtrak Station.

Route Preferences (Step 3): Unless you choose at least one Route Preference option, the route produced with be "all direct." If you do select one or more route preference, your route will likely be longer in driving time than if you did not select any.

Enroute Facilities (Step 4): You may select up to three enroute facilities to be included with your itinerary, including hotels by price category, condos, and B&B's. The locations of these facilities will be displayed, integrated with the directions, along the Freetrip itinerary. Click on the little red car, the hyperlink, or the More Info button (you can choose up to 10). Book a reservation at any of the hotels right now, while you are planning your drive.

Road Advisory Display Options (Step 5):  You can select kilometers, in which case the itinerary will display distances in "km". You can also select atlas grid references to be displayed.


….And On The FreeTrip Itinerary….

Itinerary Heading Information:  The information at the top of your Itinerary in the heading will be a summary of your route request: your origin, destination route preferences and enroute facilities selections. In the left column will be accumulated mileage and on the right remaining mileage.

More Information: Check up to 10 boxes if you want more information about these facilities. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and Click on the More Information bar. Print the page and take it with you.

Filter: The filter allows you to create a new itinerary with only those facilities that you have checked, included.  Sometimes the itinerary that gets initially produced contains a great many of enroute facilities and this is the way it can be “condensed” to include only the facilities that you are interested in.  It could save you a lot of paper when you print out the itinerary to take with you on the trip.