FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Q: FreeTrip™ Itineraries seem to be much more than just driving directions. Yet maps are not used. Comments?

A: FreeTrip's philosophy is to provide a wealth of trip information without relying upon maps, so you can read directions at a glance while driving.

FreeTrip's copyrighted and award-winning three-column format ** has proven to be a means to provide, not only directions, but comprehensive and personalized travel information to the driver in an easy-to-read itinerary format.

*There have been many studies that indicate that, for many people, maps are confusing and that they lack personal travel planning information . For example: what's the driving time between the hotel I want and the national park I want?.

** Column 1 provides accumulated mileage and driving time, Column 2 presents the "what" (directions, points of interest, travel advisories), and Column 3 provides remaining distance and driving time

Q: How does FreeTrip work?

A: On the FreeTrip webpage (www.freetrip.com) select your Origination state/province and enter your Origination city, town or place (Step 1). Do the same for the Destination (Step 2). Use Route Preferences (Step 3) to customize your route. Do you want to avoid toll roads? Do you want to favor scenic roads? Make those decisions here. Then, in Step 4, select any Enroute Facility you want to see along the route (Mid-priced Hotels? Condos? B&B's? Make those selections here). In Step 5, select the type of distance you want displayed (the itinerary will display miles unless you select kilometers here). Step 6: do you also want to receive the trip plan by e-mail or send a copy to a friend? If so, put the e-mail address here. Step 7: SUBMIT…and your FreeTrip itinerary will be displayed in seconds!

Q. If I don't select ANY route preference, will the route that is calculated be the one with the minimum driving time?

A: Yes, - this is also referred to as the "direct route". Direct routes, are "weighted" toward interstate highways and other limited access roads. Speed limits are generally higher on these roads, therefore, average driving time is less.

Q: If I select one or more route preferences, what kind of a route will I get?

A: You will get the route with the least driving time, based upon the criteria you requested. For example, if you choose to avoid tolls, FreeTrip will calculate the least driving time route that does not involve tolls.

Q: My travel time was quite different than the time on the itinerary. Why?

A: The driving time FreeTrip calculates uses a complex formula involving state speed limits, type of road, urban or rural area, terrain and other factors. Your driving time involves weather conditions, traffic congestion, and driving habits, all which affect actual driving time. Use the FreeTrip driving time to compare alternative routes (Note: we get lots of feedback that say that the FreeTrip driving time was "right on".)

Q: FreeTrip provides trip planning information not available anywhere else on the web…but how do you keep this valuable service free?

A: Until early 2002 we were able to support this website from advertising revenues. But in the early summer of 2002, we had to move much of our unique content and special features to our new subscription website, InsideTrackClub.com (Please join: its only $19.95/year).

Q: I own some hotels and other travel facilities that I would like to include in FreeTrip's offerings. How can I participate?

A: Sponsorships, banners and other advertising opportunities are available. FreeTrip offers an effective and inoffensive media to get your message to consumers. Send us an e-mail us using the Talk To Us button or click right here: info@freetrip.com….and thanks for considering FreeTrip!