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FreeTrip.com, Inc. develops highway routing technology and services for the the Travel and Transportation Industries, focusing on highway travel planning, truck fleet operations, and on-the-road information website services.

FreeTrip ® technology specializes in providing comprehensive highway itineraries that include not only accurate and easy-to-read directions, but road advisory and en-route points of interest information as well. The technology also allows a variety of ways to drive from A to B, depending upon personal needs (e.g. avoid tolls in Pennsylvania, favor scenic roads in Colorado, avoid I-95, etc.)

Our motto is: "Make It Useful….Keep It Simple"

The FreeTrip website  assists in trip planning by creating detailed itineraries with accurate and easy-to-read directions in itinerary "time-table" format, with a selection of hotels included along the way, if desired.

The InsideTrackClub website  provides a complete road travel information "toolkit" of one-of-a-kind features for its members. Members create itineraries that not only are highly useful for trip planning, but support unique on-the-road information services while actually driving on trips.

The TruckPilot website  addresses the unique requirements and needs of both the owner-operator and the fleet dispatcher. TruckPilot ® is a powerful tool that can compare the costs and benefits of alternative routes.

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